I write the songs that make the whole world sing

Somebody gives that title to me, art for art's sake, money for God's sake, it conjures up a million things as to why.

Songs for World Peace

Ha ha ha haaaaah-ah Little bass solo here and then the secretary Cathy Gill comes in and says Be quiet, big boys don't cry, big boys don't cry, big boys don't cry. Oh yeah well [strums guitar, and sings "he didn't do it, he wasn't there, I didn't want itI wouldn't dare" and carries on with the "car" verse] something like that.

So by the time I was sort of fit again to play, I think we'd, we'd just, we missed the bus. You used to list them on the albums as well.

Good day to you as well. That was a very crude, crude version, I'm embarrassed to say, sorry, Paul. I've got some ideas, I've got some chords. Peace Choirs Initiative - promoting a network of choirs around the world, dedicated to spreading a message of peace through song.

Again, impossible to dance to, as a lot of 10cc tracks were, but once Kevin had put that in, he became the third writer in the song so we were quite democratic in that way.

Because that was, that was unusual, actually, that was a Creme Stewart song wasn't it. Well, listen um, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you today er, as you can tell, I'm a, I'm a huge fan of yours. Until you get into the studio and start to write.

The next week finally rolled around, and I was up. And records like that back in those days could be hit singles as well. But you don't play that song - what you do, you sit down there, say I'm doing a, say I'm doing a song like 'Yesterday' - 'yesterday, love was such an easy game to play' but you want to do a rock 'n' roll song, but you use those words to, to scan the songs instead and so you might be doing [plays upbeat riff on keyboard - sings 'Yesterday' lyrics] and you use those words as your vehicle, to get a melody and a chord sequence sorted out.

Some of us are given wisdom, others faith, others prophecy, others discernment. As I said earlier, there's meaty guitar solos in all those 10cc tracks, er, the solo on Rubber Bullets is a personal favourite of mine, it's a fantastic solo. We wrote it, and we didn't like it.

And Godley and Creme looked at me rather strange and said "Not another love song, no" and Graham Gouldman said "Yeah, yeah, oh yeah, I'll have a crack at it with you". The only thing I got stuck on was the girl backing vocals, even tried it in a dress, just didn't sound right And the story behind the song is lovely um, I got the idea for the song for two, two reasons.

But don't you ask me to give it back. And that's what in retrospect, I found out long after because I still speak to Godley and Creme who, Lol is my brother-in-law, so I've got to see him, but for quite a while we didn't talk.

I write the songs that make the whole world sing

Made famous by Glen Campbell 3 in Webb remembers driving toward the late afternoon sun one day in Oklahoma, passing endless miles of telephone poles, until he saw the silhouette of a solitary lineman atop a pole. What's the difference in writing on your own to writing with other people, I mean I guess difference one is there's no-one to bounce off.

If you put them in a song, a lot of people identify with a similar situation. Incestuous is the word, that's a, that's a polite way of putting it.

So I said 'okay if you can teach me to paint like you, we'll, we'll do a deal. I'd, to play the songs from the, from the Do Not Bend album at the moment is nigh on impossible, because I can give you the background to some of the track, but not play the song the whole way through.

Through violence you murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, and other great thinkers. As you said, you do get a bit too close to it if you're sat there on your own trying to argue with yourself.

With the song-writing process, I'm curious because you've written with so many people over the years, obviously Graham Gouldman and the, the other members from 10cc, plus Paul McCartney and other people. And those things stay with you, as I was saying earlier on, if someone says a nice line to you or you hear something on radio, there's a part of your brain suddenly locks it in if it's good, and you'll never forget it.

Oh hold it, hold it. I damaged my left ear, I damaged my eye very badly. Yeah Did you, because some people kind of misunder, perhaps misunderstood those er, did you find that when you brought the record out, even though it was a massive hit.

Which hadn't been done before. Insights on songwriting. Post a comment Cancel.

Barry Manilow - I Write The Songs Lyrics

I write the songs that make the whole world sing Posted on May 20, by brucehhackett Before the arrival of Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys and The Beatles, singing and songwriting were considered two distinctly different talents. I write the songs that make the whole world sing. I write the songs of love and special thing S.

I write the songs that make the young girls cry. I write the songs, I write the songs. I am music, and I write the songs. "I Write the Songs" is a popular song written by Bruce Johnston in and made famous by Barry Manilow.

Manilow's version reached number one on the Billboard Hot chart in January after spending two weeks atop the Billboard adult contemporary chart in December It won a Grammy Award for Song of the Year and was nominated for Record of the Year in I've been alive forever And I wrote the very first song I put the words and the melodies together.

I am music and I write the songs I write the songs that make the whole world sing. "I Sing The Songs (I Write The Songs)" I've been alive forever, and I sang the very first song, I put the words and the melodies together, I am music and I sing this song: I sing the songs that make the whole world sing, I sing the songs of love and special things, I sing the songs that make the young girls cry.

I write the songs that make the whole world sing
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